Draft Toolkit

What is the Draft Tookit?

The Draft Toolkit will help you in your draft. It provides the following features:

  • Provides the latest draft position for each player.
  • Quickly retrieve detailed stats, projections, and a player's outlook in real-time.
  • Search for any player.
  • Track your team as you draft.
  • Bye week warnings when you have drafted too many players that have the same bye week.

What is this "ADP Rankings" used for?

The ADP Rankings column will help you during your draft. As you go through your draft, use "[p]" and "[+/-]" to track players that you have picked up or have become unavailable.

Watch a video on how to use the Draft Toolkit app.

What does "ADP" stand for:

ADP (Average Draft Position) ranking is the average position that the player is drafted.

What does the "[p]" do?

Click on the "[p]" to add the player to your "My Team" list.

What does the "[+/-]" do?

Click on the "[+/-]" to mark the player as unavailable. Click on it again to make the player available.

What's the best way to use "[p]" and "[+/-]"?

During your draft, use "[p]" to add the player to your team. As other people pickup players, use "[+/-]" to indicate that the player is unavailable.

How do I get information on the player?

If you click on the player's name, detailed information about the player will be displayed in the "Player Info" section.

What is the format of each listed player?


rank name position team bye_week


2) Aaron Rodgers QB GB 10

What is the Player Info column used for?

The Player Info column will show you detailed information about a player. To retrieve detailed information on a player, you can search by last name or click on a player's name.

How do I find the app?

What does each stat abbreviation mean?

If you move your cursor over the stat name and leave it there for a quick second, the full name will pop up in a small window.

How do I request more features?

We welcome any feedback and suggestions that you may have. Please click on the feedback tab on the left and give us your thoughts.